Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Junior Junkie Hits a Tek Need

I was excited to be one of the chosen ones to receive a random package from that crazy Griffy collector The Junior Junkie.  Well he kind of spilled the beans a couple of days before by posting a comment and gave me an idea of what to expect as well.  The package was decent-sized and most cards were Red Sox-related, but there were a handful of random Alomar cards as well.  Many of them were duplicates, but there was one card and it was a massively helpful one:
This is Tek Pattern 20.  It looks like Alomar is standing in front of a massive file cabinet or card catalog. 

Thanks a bunch!

1.  Some Tek progress here.  I need just 17 more patterns to knock this one off.  Still 4/5 previously achieved.

2.  I am now up to 984.

3.  Previously achieved.

4.  No progress.


  1. That was the only one?! I was hoping there were at least a couple in there you could use. Oh, well.

  2. That was the only Alomar I needed of the ones you sent. Still it was very helpful. The Red Sox fared better on my other blog.