Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Red Parallel from Pacific

One of the ongoing threads on one of the more hobby talk-related forums I frequent, has been discussing how rare and difficult to find the red Pacific parallels from a variety of sets have been to find.  Invincible is one of the major ones discussed.  Luckily when I bought a retail box of that product, I pulled the Sandy Alomar, Jr. red parallel.  Some of the other brands have not been nearly as easy.  Recently I found the Paramount red parallel:
Luckily, I don't think a lot of sellers realize how rare and desirable their cards are at times.  This cost me $0.18.  Nice, cheap little pickup of a hard-to-find card.  Another Pacific parallel down.

1.  4/5 previously achieved.

2.  Up to 987.  13 to go.

3.  Previously achieved.

4.  No progress.

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