Sunday, March 8, 2015

Southpaw Order

Southpaw Cards is one of my frequently-visited online stores because of their large number of oddball items.  Since I have been splurging a bit lately, I decided to go back and see if they had any cards I needed.  They are a bit pricier than some other places, but they often have stuff I can't find anywhere else.  That was the case here again:
The 2001 Topps card is from an Employee box set.  You can see the stamping if you look hard enough at the scan.  The Circa is the Rave version numbered to 150.  The Upper Deck is the Exclusives Level 1, numbered to 100.  The Stadium Club is a special National Convention card.  There were only 200 of those issued.  The Leaf is the Silver Press Proof, giving me all four versions of this card.  Finally, the three 1991 Donruss cards are the factory set variations with different borders than the pack-released cards.  Most of these cards are a little hard to come by.  And they definitely help fill in some holes.

1.  Four of five previously achieved.

2.  Up to 951.  49 to go.

3.  Previously achieved.

4.  No progress.

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