Saturday, March 7, 2015

Another Pacific Parallel

I am slowly working my way through the litany of Pacific parallels.  This package added one more to the list:
This is the Platinum Blue version.  I also have silver, gold, copper, and red, and there is apparently a holographic silver version that I have not seen.  Still a ways to go on the Pacific parallels.

1.  Four of five previously achieved.

2.  Up to 943.  57 to go.

3.  Previously achieved.

4.  No progress.


  1. I double and tripled checked my binder and cross referenced with COMC and Baseballcardpedia and I do have the holo-silver version #'d to /99...Nice haul with the parallels posted earlier...One of the Pacific Parallels I haven't seen yet is the Pennant Fever Copper #/20.

  2. I saw that you had it on your collection page. I have not seen one before though. As for the Copper Pennant Fever, I have not seen one of those either. COMC has the Platinum Blue version. Sort of but not really. Moises Alou is shown with Alomar's name. I picked one up to see if the scan was just wrong (since it was wrong before with a card that I ordered) and ended up with a Moises Alou I have no idea what to do with.