Monday, March 2, 2015

Card #214: 1999 Pacific Prism Holographic Gold #41

YEAR: 1999
BRAND: Pacific
SET: Prism
INSERT: Holographic Gold
TEAM: Cleveland Indians

This is weird.  As usual, I did not scan my card for this post.  I usually take them from the Beckett online catalog or COMC, among some other places.  It is easier than scanning each of the cards in my collection.  Yet this is the card that I have as judged by the serial number on the front.  Mine is 443/480 and that is the scanned picture.  Prism was one of my favorite sets when I was focusing on Jason Varitek a few years back and I eventually added all 15 variations.  Unfortunately that was 2000 Prism.  1999 Prism had significantly fewer parallels, six in fact.  Nevertheless, when I added this one as my first from this set, I decided I would eventually get all six.  Just recently I accomplished this.

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