Thursday, November 6, 2014

Newest Pickups

I have not been adding many cards to this collection lately.  This has been more of a function of the fact that there have been very few cards I needed popping up on Ebay or on the trading forums.  But I did manage to pick up these two recently.

1.  2003 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor.  This was a card that I managed to work out a trade for.  That has been very rare as most people on the trading forums typically deal in recent stuff.  Those that have older cards are typically selling them.  I always prefer to trade and I am thrilled I got this to wor out.

2.  1999 SP Signature Autograph.  The 1999 SP Signature set was a very well-regarded set with a lot of great autographs.  This is my fourth auto from the set, joining Shea Hillenbrand, Donnie Sadler, and Jason Varitek.

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