Tuesday, November 18, 2014

COMC New Additions

I mentioned some time ago that I have been on a binge lately.  That was particularly evident with my series of orders on COMC over the last couple of weeks.  It started off with an order of 11 cards centered around a promo.  Then, the following week there were newly added cards on consecutive days that I had to order.
1.  2000 MLB Showdown Diamond Star Promo.  This one actually came from Ebay but I received it the same day.  I previously had the Jason Varitek, so I had to add the other big catcher in my personal collection.

2.  1998 Pacific Paramount Copper. 

3.  1999 Pacific Revolution Red.  The red parallels from Pacific are retail-only and can be pretty hard to find these days.

4.  1999 Bowman Chrome Refractor.

5.  2001 Fleer Platinum Parallel.  Numbered out of 201, I wanted to add this because it is one of a dwindling number of White Sox cards I still need.

6.  1999 Black Diamond Triple.  I still need the green Quadruple card to finish out this run.

7.  1997 Bowman International.  I had no idea I did not have this one yet until I was filling out my order.

8.  2001 MLB Showdown.  I think I still need a couple of cards and I will have all of Alomar's MLB Showdown cards.  This is another White Sox card I needed.

9.  1999 Topps Stars Foil.  This card is also serial-numbered to 299 and is a card I had not seen before.
10.  1997 Score Showcase Series.  I had a number of these from packs, but never managed to pull the Alomar or any Red Sox.

11.  1989 Star Promo.  This was the card around which the first order was placed.  There are still a few Star cards still out there.

12.  1998 Pacific Red.  Another retail-only red parallel.

13.  1998 SPx Finite.  This is the last of this run I needed.  Oddly it is the most common version.

14.  2001 Fleer Focus Green.  This is the card that kicked off the second order.  Again, I had the Jason Varitek already.

15.  1998 Topps Tek Pattern 41.  And this is the card that started the third order.  I am down to just 27 more Tek patterns to have them all.

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