Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Lindor's Set

Around the time of the All Star Break, I saw that Topps was releasing a special set that was put together with the assistance of Indians' star Francisco Lindor.  The set was devoted partially to Lindor's home country of Puerto Rico, also the home country of Sandy Alomar Jr.  I was cautiously optimistic that he would include a card of Alomar in it, particularly since he is a coach with the Indians.  When the checklist dropped, I saw that there was indeed a Sandy Alomar listed, but it did not specify whether it was Jr. or Sr.  I bought one anyway, thinking it was likely that it would be Jr.  And I received the above card.  Yep, that's Jr. alright.  So, now Alomar has appeared in two online only sets this year.  Pretty exciting.

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