Friday, July 12, 2019

Stadium Club One of a Kind

I am falling behind again.  I have actually picked up a number of new Alomar cards.  A lot have been popping up lately.  This is the 1998 Stadium Club One of a Kind parallel.  The name of the insert is quite misleading because these were actually serial-numbered to 150, a far cry from being one of a kind.  The scan is pretty bad too, actually the card just had a high-gloss, almost chrome finish.  The colors were not distorted like that.  Cool card.


  1. Dude: that1984 Spokane Indians Newspaper Sandy Alomar Jr is...impossible. Y9u got yours on COMC? Have you ever seen one on eBay?

    Nice site, btw.

  2. I saw one on Ebay that was for some insane price and was part of a lot.