Friday, April 15, 2016

A Venezuelan Oddball

This one snuck up on me.  I had never heard of this card before it showed up on Ebay one day.  This is a Venezuelan sticker card.  I was aware of some Venezuelan sticker cards, including one from 2000, but this one shows Alomar with the Rangers.  And of course Alomar has so few cards with the Rangers that I had to jump on this.

I recently missed out on an item from my Top 15.  The 1998 Fleer Tradition Vintage '63 Classic went for a surprising amount of money on Ebay.  I was very disappointed.  Very few Alomar cards have been popping up lately, and to miss on one I needed, not to mention on my Top 15 is extremely annoying.  Oh well.  Maybe it will reappear some time.

Alomar still does not have any new cards in 2016.  Roberto has shown up in a number of sets.  I still have hope for Topps Archives though.

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