Thursday, February 11, 2016

Another Gallery Auction Card

This is my third different one of these.  The only difference between them is the auction points on the back.  I previously had one for 25 points and one for 50.  This one is 100 points.  I am grasping at straws for new cards to pick up.  Ebay has been very dry lately.  This is just my sixth new card this year, and of them, three have been team cards, one was a card with no foil, and now this one.  Not the most inspiring of new pickups.  It has been frustrating not finding anything lately.  Hopefully that will change soon.  It would be great if he would show up in one of the new sets.  So far, only 2016 Topps has been released and the buybacks seem to stop after 1987 for common players and Alomar is not one of the players Topps decided was a big enough star to do buybacks after 1987.

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