Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The New Most Recent Card in My Collection

I got this card, which is a 1992 card bought back for a 2014 set, the most recent new Sandy Alomar Jr. card:
This is the gold version, serial-numbered 3/5.  This is likely to be the most recent card at least until Leaf releases a new buyback set.  This is the third year Leaf has done this, so I assume they will do it again in 2015.

I was going to have a full post about this, but I might as well put it here: I am very disappointed in Topps Archives once again.  There is still no Sandy Alomar Jr. card in the set.  I am beginning to wonder if there will be another Sandy Alomar Jr. card that is not a buyback.  I was really hoping he would show up this year.  But no, there is a Roberto Alomar card, and he is shown with the Indians.  Because Topps is screwing with me.  Other players who have cards include: Brady Anderson, Jeff Conine, Dontrelle Willis, Vinny Castilla, Rob Dibble, Jose Vidro, Edgardo Alfonzo, Joe Freakin' Oliver, and Mike Bordick.  But no Sandy Alomar Jr.

1.  4/5 Previously achieved.

2.  Previously achieved.

3.  Previously achieved.

4.  No progress.

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